Saturday, 31 May 2008


Played 5.5 hours today 14-16 tabling. Ran meh-breakeven for the first 1k - very swongy and considered taking a break, but I needed 200 more points to retain my gold status for next month - and I then ran hotter than the sun for the next 4k and finished the session up 14 buyins without using a HUD (see below).

I took a shot at 50nl that didn't turn out so well and I lost 4 50nl buyins around hand 34k on the graph. After that I figured I was going to hit another gruelling breakeven stretch but today certainly changed that making this my best month to date. I am going to take more shots at 50nl shortly and I think once I can get used to the slightly more aggro table dynamics there will be no looking back, and the FPPs will be rolling in.

I also purchased the new PT3. The last beta version worked perfectly for me except for the fold blind to steal stats showing up as 0 for everyone. I don't know what happened but the commercial release is now extremely laggy for me if I play more than 8 tables. Hopefully they will release the update soon. I wonder if I should maybe not be playing with a HUD for a while, considering how well I've played lately without it, perhaps I rely too much on stats that aren't really accurate over small sample sizes, or reduce it to just fold BB to steal, VPIP and PFR, maybe WSD. IDK, I'll have to experiment.

Anyways, here's the graph for May:

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's been a while...

It's been a month since I last posted. The end of April was pretty brutal with a 10 buyin downswing which I can say was almost exclusively due to me running card dead (ie. getting impatient, tilting, and overvalueing my hands). But it gave me a perfect opportunity to work on tilt :D

This month has been much better. I decided to try 6 max a little more seriously, starting with 10nl and then 25nl and I am fairly happy with the results over the 3 weeks that I played. The last week or so has been back to 25nl full ring to get used to the game again, and I've been taking some shots at 50nl. I am not ready for 50nl 6 max, but I think I am definately ready for 50nl full ring, it plays almost exactly the same except for more 3betting regs. 50nl 6 max is wicked crazy compared to what I'm used to though. The aggression is through the roof, but it's helped me work on my own even though I got killed the couple times I took shots there.

I'll be posting more in a few days at the end of the month, a graph and probably some stats. I've also been watching WCGrider's attempt at $10k in 1 month at 25nl which has been quite entertaining.