Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Online Poker Documentary

I watched Krantz and 918 Films' colaboration documenting the professional online poker life of Greg Lavery, aka Captain Zeebo. I won't say a whole lot about it since you'll want to watch it for yourself, except to say that it is very professionally put together in HD.

The character study they did on Greg is an absolutely amazing story and I could relate to a lot of it myself as I'm sure most of you out there can. I also think that this paints such an accurate picture of the life of the online (semi)-professional player that it would give a lot of insight into our world for friends and family who are non-poker players. It explains a lot of things that I know that a lot of us have trouble explaining to people that are not familiar with what we do.

So go check it out: Busto to Robusto, Episode One: Zeebo

5 Stars imo


  1. def good...but im not sure if THIS one is best to show to friends/family (addictive behavior that lead to his hospitalization doesn't ring well to unknowns, lol)


  2. Yeah there was some talk of that over on DC wrt his hospitalization, but most people were under the impression that his bi-polar was a pre-existing condition prior to poker.

  3. its an interesting documentary. i dont think that kind of "poker sub culture" exists outside of north america.

    certainly not what i have seen anyway, being from the uk

    i love poker, and i love the online thing, but i have to say i found it very depressing