Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Quick Update: Power Failure

Haven't been able to play at all the past 2 days :( Huge lightning storms in my area have been causing havoc with the hydro system here and have somehow managed to knock out my internet connection at home.

Attempts to reinstall my connection lead to the blue screen of death (first time I've seen this on Vista) and I'm currently reformatting and all that fun stuff. Hope to be back online later tonight or in the morning.

Edit: I finally got back online and playing again yesterday (Saturday). Took about 13 hours after reformat to re-import all my hands so I figured I'd just wait it out instead of playing HUDless. Turned out that my PC still insta-crashes when trying to install my ISP provided software but I figured out a workaround that appears somewhat less efficient but doable. It is nice to have 90% of my harddrive back although it was completely unnecessary.

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