Tuesday, 15 December 2009

50nl 6max regs wars (lol)

I haven't posted in a while. This month has felt pretty rough so far even though it shouldn't. I went on one of the biggest heaters of my life in the first 3 days winning something like 30 buyins spread across 50nl, 100nl and 200nl. I can actually say that most of this was due to good play. I was the most on top of my game that I've ever been and it felt like face up poker even at 200nl. Then I proceeded to dump half of it back. Poker feels so easy when you're playing well and then you wonder what happened to that mindset when it disappears for a while.

I'm also having an odd reoccurance at 50nl 6max. I keep running in to the same 2 regs who play every 50BB min table there is. They both play insanely long sessions during peak hours and it's pretty tough to avoid them. Luckily one is extremely exploitable despite going to showdown an oddly high % of the time and winning at showdown a rediculous % of the time over a large sample.

The other reg is where most of my problem at that level is lately. We are both very good at putting each other in tough spots using position so part of the solution is to make sure I have good seat location relative to him. If I don't, I rarely profit on that table since he totally wrecks the flow I'm trying to create. It's a lot tougher if he starts a session before I do since most seats opening up are on his right. I'm going to have to do an in depth analysis of his play if I want to keep winning at the same rates I have been there and hopefully figure out his ranges a little better. He's really well balanced vs regs.

10 days until Christmas holidays!

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