Thursday, 8 July 2010

BR Rebuilding Plan

I mentioned in my last post that I'm going to pretend I have $500 and work my way back up to re-pad my bankroll since I'm a huge life nit. I'm still actually rolled for 100nl by most people's standards but other people's ability to withstand variance without moving down makes me sick. My BR took a large hit between cashing out a decent amount at the beginning of June and the ensuing soul crush.

So far so good. Played 10k hands at 25nl for 8 ptBB/100 in the last 3 days so I only have about 4-5 buyins to go to move back up to 50nl again. That's a solid $40/hour 12 tabling 6max so it's really not that far off my 100nl 18 tabling FR hourly. And there's virtually zero stress and zero risk. The only really difference is that bonus $/hour drops from $19.90 to $7.75. I'll cut that difference in half once I move up again next week.

I'm starting to catch up on the DC podcasts and they're really interesting with a lot of interesting and good information. Just downloaded all of the Stars/2p2 Podcasts but I'm a little tilted at them using long titles that don't let me see who's in the interview on my podcast list on my iPod. I put a text file with the list on a different app so I guess that will have to do.

25nl Observations:
  • TAGs and nits are extremely straightforward and transparent.
  • LAGs are extremely bad and spewy. All of them.
  • People limp a lot. Limpers are 100% fish and generally won't fold any piece postflop.
  • Everyone calls down and stacks off much lighter than I am used to.
  • Implied odds are ridiculous.

  • Play straightforward most of the time.
  • Punish limpers.
  • Let LAGs hang themselves and induce spazz. Widen your 3bet value range against them.
  • Take cheap draws with high implied odds instead of semi-bluffing a lot unless you're the PFRer making cbets.
  • There are a lot of very floatable TAGs on good boards with position.
  • Bet/Bet/Shove your monsters.
July 9th Edit: I just hit my 20 hypothetical buyins last night and this continues to run so well that I'm seriously considering going for 25nl July Ultimate Grinder instead of moving back up. Seems like such a beat to play for a badge that's not even real lol. But that's probably not going to happen since I'm going to start splitting up my volume between Stars and FTP playing Rush and that's not tracked (thankfully).

But the hourly is really good, the variance is virtually nothing (38 ptBB/100 standard deviation compared to my usual 34 ptBB/100 for FR), I have had 3 stress free days feeling happy, and my confidence is building a lot at the same time. Everyone had a 5 day head start and I'm now in the top half of the list.


    1. Awesome win rate. very impressive!

    2. Some solid observations there IMO, especially in regards to the LAGs. I've not met a solid one yet