Saturday, 23 July 2011

Temporary Switch?

Jumping from game to game was absolutely killing my bankroll. I was getting extremely impatient with cash games. I decided that maybe I need to take a bit of a break from cash and instead of being a reg-fish donator I'm using that money to freeroll my property taxes. I cashed out everything but $100 and decided to start back at the bottom. The following sequence then occured:

  • I freed myself from slaving away for VPPs. Yes I'm going to lose a ton of money in rakeback, but positive winrate + freedom > rakeback + negative winrate + misery. This is supposed to be a game. Games are supposed to be fun amiright?
  • I started playing 1c/2c to rebuild. This went well at first winning about 20 buyins in the first 4k hands, but the impatience started to set in again and I somehow managed to lose half of it back in the next 2k hands.
  • I switched to PLO for 10k hands because high variance is what's needed to rebuild a BR quickly - there's another impatient word.
  • I decided I needed to play something structured with a clear beginning, end and goal. I went alllll the way back to the beginning of my poker 'career' and starting playing some SNGs on Stars. $1.50 Turbo 9 mans to be exact.

I don't know how long I'll play these or how high I'll try to climb the SNG ladder but it's going really well so far. You'll notice the spreadsheet I've added in my next post with a link in the sidebar since I made myself online busto and can't afford a sharkscope widget or whatever other people do. I started out 8 tabling and switched to 10 about a quarter way through the 147 games I've played so far. ROI dropped very slightly although I'm not really sure how fast the variance in these things evens out.  My HEM results trending tab is pretty much a horizontal ITM line with ROI slowly climbing as I get better and get more 1sts.

I pretty much know nothing about SNG strategy other than that aggression is good and people are bubble nits so I'm going to start looking into that. Moshman's book has been sitting on my desk collecting dust for a number of years and is only 10% read and my CR sub is almost up so I'll quickly download and watch as much as possible. I also have no idea what the comparative skill levels are to cash. $1.50 = 2NL , $3.50 = 10NL, $7 = 25NL ? If anyone knows the answer to this please post a comment.

I'm not ruling out re-depositing a good chunk of my BR if I get into a more permanent zen state of mind, going back to cash, or getting Supernova again but I'm not at all worried if I don't do any of that. If it happens it happens.

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