Friday, 20 April 2012

Awesome and then not.


The first 2 weeks of the month were so amazing. I was on track for my best month ever running at something crazy like 12 bb/100 over every stake I was playing. Obviously unsustainable but I didn't think it was a requirement to even out variance by having massive downswings accompany massive heaters, haha. The last week has put me in the tank where I just can not win at showdown, and everyone always wants to see a showdown, and the board can never just brick off when I have a flopped monster and get action.

So because of my run good I'm still at an above average for me 5 bb/100 on the month, but despite that I'm feeling kind of shitty right now. Zoom has gone from super passive to super aggro, and it doesn't help that I'm running really terrible in 3bet pots right now, like getting my 4bets called by half stacks who think it's a good idea to 3bet to $7 and call my 4bet to $14 leaving them $36 behind to set mine getting 8:1 stack+pot odds with their 22-66.

I'm considering heading back to regular tables for a while to see what game quality is like there. I'm kind of interested in how Zoom has affected liquidity and I'm kind of surprised that they added 200NL and the new 500NL for full ring considering the traffic at regular tables for midstakes was already pretty sparse.


I was sent an eBook by Nathan Williams (BlackRain79) a while back. I didn't get around to actually reading it with everything rake and meeting related going on. I am now more than 90% finished so you can expect that review posted here over the weekend.


  1. I think around 90% of my mid-late position opens are getting 3bet at Zoom in the last 2 weeks. It really has gone super aggro and that is at NL25

  2. Try to see the big picture. If you'd started off the month on a massive downer and were now sitting at 5bb/100 you'd be mega-happy. Poker can do weird things to the mind.

    I haven't played any Zoom but the normal tables at 100nl-200nl haven't really changed. They're as good as they've been all year, which imo is pretty damn good and way better than last year. Maybe their big We Are Poker campaign worked well?

  3. Very good point Ron. I suppose I should take the mindset of my co-worker: "I'm not a pessimist or an optimist. The glass is not half full nor empty. There is simply room to add vodka."

  4. In that paper I linked in my blog where the economists researched Goldenballs they had a name for this exact thing - big peanuts. It's a large amount of money that seems like peanuts because you're seeing it in comparison to a larger amount that you previously had.

    Now we just need a name for the opposite. I made $32 in a full day this week, but it seemed awesome because I was down $1k at one point.