Sunday, 27 April 2008

April Update

So it's almost the end of April and I haven't updated my blog in a while. I had an awesome start to the month and then went on a 10 buyin downswing. I've managed to get those 10 buyins back on Stars as well as complete a bonus to get myself a Stox subscription for free.

I was away from Stars for about 2 weeks while I completed that bonus on a smaller site. I won about 8 buyins at that site too as it was incredibly soft - 25nl was the lowest stakes they offered so obviously all the bad players were there. I'm now back at Stars multi-tabling like mad to try to get Gold VIP status before the end of the month. I'm pretty sure I'll get it with 600 points to go and 3.5 days to play. I think I should have no problem getting close to Platinum as soon as I make the switch to 50nl sometime in the next while.

Yesterday went quite well. I won almost 6 buyins in the course of 3 hours. I also finished reading PNLHE by Flynn, Mehta, and Miller and the whole idea about SPR has taken a lot of the tough decisions out of my game and kept me out of trouble. I started reading it at the bottom of that downswing and it almost instantly improved my game. I fixed a number of leaks that I didn't even realize I had and were just standard play to me.

I also started reading HoC v.1 this morning and will be reading v.2 after that so I'll have to see what I can get out of that book. I'm guessing v.3 will be a workbook (please Dan, workbooks = $).

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