Friday, 15 May 2009

<3 this game...

... both poker and the game posted below. I've put in 40 hours already this month which is great and I'm gradually moving into more 100NL when the games are good and beating 50NL for 5ptBB/100 vs all the morning regs when they're not so I'm super happy with everything right now.

I'm really hoping that I can put in more volume and at higher stakes. I would love to get to 200k VPPs for a milestone so that's something to work for.

This game is so addicting, I've probably played through it 4-5 times in the past few days while taking a break:


  1. As a struggling 25nl grinder and seeing how I just moved to Full Ring, do you think we could organize some coaching or sweat sessions? If you've got msn, hit me up at so that we can discuss. I could use the advice.