Saturday, 30 May 2009

Burn Your Calendars! (plz)

So May is just about over (cry). That's too bad since this has turned out to be by far the best month of poker I have ever had. I got off to a rediculously good start running about 5 to 6 ptBB/100 at 50NL and 100NL over the first 40k hands. I really have to credit the Coaching Tree videos from BalugaWhale on DC (ty Greg for telling me to watch that series!!!1!) along with some coaching and all the hand history discussion I've done with people lately for the massive increase in winrate.

At some point I was starting to wonder if this was just the biggest heater ever or if I was really playing that well, but after going through my database and analyzing a lot of stuff I have to say that I played way better than I have in the past.

Then I went and messed it up for the next 20k hands. I took my crazy LAGtard image and pushed it to the edge of what I thought I was capable of. In the process I learned a ton about postflop play, equity and aggression, but I stayed at about +/- $300 for a week straight which was a little draining and made it tough to put in the hours. I did run quite bad (5% flopped sets and 42% W$SD) but I'm happy to breakeven during those stretches. I'm convinced I am on permanent donk/buddy lists and regs pay me off nicely now.

I decided to tone it down just a bit again and got back on track yesterday. Today just put me over the top again with an hour long session resulting in +5 buyins. Yay!

So if I add up profits + rakeback x exchange rate, I'm looking at more than 2x what I made at my fulltime job this month and I've still got tonight and tomorrow to go. This obviously makes me a very happy poker player! This came in very handy while I'm finishing up my house. Fences are wicked expensive. This is why you all need to burn your calendars and make it May forever :)

I'm pretty stoked to say that I did not fire up a single 25NL table this month and put in 30% of my volume at 100NL and also put in a tiny bit of 200NL which I run insanely good at (16 ptBB/100 over 1000 hands lol). The plan is to up that 100NL volume and start to play a bit more 200NL by the end of next month or so. I really think I'm going to enjoy 200NL - from what I can see there's an attempt at metagame, people are always in 4bet/fold or squeeze mode and just like 100NL, the only thing that changes is preflop gets harder. Postflop is still the same 25NL game with varrying degrees of stackability at different stakes ime.

I need some suggestions for what to watch next on Deuces Cracked. I'm obviously playing fullring but I have no issues with watching 6max videos. I absolutely loved the stop the video and discuss theory format that Andrew used in Coaching Tree so anything similar would be perfect. I haven't watched anything else there except for some Pr1nnyraiding but I'm not that interested in head-up right now.


  1. WP. I found your blog by chance and downloaded one of your videos. Ty! Was very impressed indeed by your play. Re your Lagtard image - your game would probably crush 6-max. Will watch with interest. Cheers

  2. I've been reading your archives after stumbling onto your site while googling for "ptbb," and I've really enjoyed watching the progress from the micros. After several iterations of my online poker career, I'm on a similar progression, albeit a few steps slower. Would you by chance be interested in taking a look at some of my database? You have a consistent style that I think I could benefit from greatly, and I've kind of reached a wall after my latest move up. I'm sure it's awkward for some random to ask for your advice, so I apologize for the unsolicited beg, but if you'd be interested in any sense of the word, shoot me an email.

  3. This would help:

    scazmatic at hotmail dot com