Thursday, 21 January 2010

FTP Rush

I've been checking out the FTP Rush games the past couple days. Couple things I noticed right away: no HUD possibilities, no image, no real reads besides stack size and line (although I am working on a system to do post session review and apply that info to player notes and colour coding). It's basically poker in a vacuum.

Considering it's watered down or completely missing so many key elements of the online game, I almost feel bad to say that I actually enjoy it. Each table basically runs at 4x a regular table in hands/hour. I don't really have any BR over on FTP so this is actually perfect for me. I can play 4 rush tables = 16 regular tables with only 4 buyins + change and build it up quite quickly.

It also effectively turns all the 1 tablers into 4 tablers who are making 4x as many mistakes per hour - well maybe not quite that much since hand ranges are stronger due to the impression of having to play fast (you don't) and the ease of getting better cards with a simple auto-fold pre.

With all that said, I'm still on the fence as to whether this is good for the game in the long term. People will run out of money much faster. People will clear bonuses much faster. People will earn more rakeback. No one can improve playing more than 1 of these tables and having the HH replay open.

Very interesting and innovative concept at the least. I'll have to continue to evaluate. I'm considering grinding out a quick Iron Man on FTP due to this while maintaining Supernova on Stars so that I'm primed for either site in case one takes a nose dive in the loyalty program department.

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