Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back in the black!

Quick update:

Caught up on a ton of sleep
Feeling really good
Trying out a session journal to record goals and results (not $)
Got out of my poker funk.
Huge day at 50nl 6max: 10 buyins in 6k hands by 4pm
Maintained A game state of mind for 4 one hour sessions
Going to have 5 days off of work per week until November as opposed to 2 with full salary (bink!)

Had a big opportunity for tilt and ended up joking about it with the other player in chat instead. Hand History:

Stars 50nl 6max

Preflop: Hero has JTs as PFRer, c/r happy Villain calls in SB

Flop: Tc5d4s, checks through
Turn: 5s with the flushdraw out now, Hero bets 2/3 pot, villain c/r almost pot, Hero soul-reads that Villain has squadoosh and calls to induce river bluffs
River: 2c and Villain leads for 3/4 pot, Hero snapcalls and gets shown 22

Hero says: "nh"
Villain says: "that's generally my strategy, make stupid plays and then get there"

So hopefully you guys won't have to listen to me whine for a while :)

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