Tuesday, 11 May 2010

6max so far...

First week of May was absolutely amazing and I made a lot of money because 82% of "regs" call down with absolutely any piece

Second week of May has been absolutely terrible because 82% of "regs" call down with any piece and have added +78 to their weird 2 pair making skill. The apparent strategy reminds me of homegames. "If I can hit my Queen... (Q5s on T42r)..."

I find it amazing that cbets have been working approximately 34% over my last 12k hands while I manage to win at showdown 42%. Easy adjustments obviously but I need someone to turn off my doomswitch so I can get my run-average back. Here's to hoping I can start fading luckboxes again. I do find it comforting that the vast majority of 50nl puts me on AK 52% of the time. The other 48% of the time the flop is Axx or Kxx and they put me on KQ or AQ.


  1. How can you tell how often your cbets work?

    (omg, get rid of the $@!# word finder will you? The spambots are not out to get you!)

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  3. C-bet success % under the reports tab. You have to add it in.