Wednesday, 5 May 2010

May = 6max

After putting in 100k hands of full ring in April I think I'm going to give 6max a shot. I want to see which one suits me better for long session grinding and I want to keep my skills in both dynamics up to date. I did play a few thousand hands of full ring the past couple of days as well as final tabled a 135-player Rush tournament for a decent score. That was mainly the result of me swonging +4/-4 buyins at 100nl to breakeven on FR cash yesterday and feeling kind of bad about it, still up several buyins there for the month.

I've played in a few SCOOP events but so far haven't really been able to chip up very well. Typically running around average stack for the first 3-5 hours and then crash and burn. Very card dead plus I feel like I've wasted 4 hours of my life when I run set under set or Queens into Kings or some other random postflop bullshit that cripples me or knocks me out. It's really not worth it for me if it makes me feel like not playing poker at all afterwords... might as well stick to cash then. Kudos to all the donkament pros out there that can handle the long hours and months of winning nearly nothing in anticipation of that huge score without jumping off a bridge in the meantime. I had to laugh at the 42% final table payout for the last SCOOP event I played considering there were 18k entries. Seriously, spread the wealth a little.

Today I decided to start watching a bunch of videos again and really think about my decisions at 6max. So I obviously 18 table 50nl so I could focus and get back into the game flow =) 7k hands later I'm up 10 buyins so far. Will probably put in another 3k hands or so today. Pretty sure I win the internets for volume in micro-6max games (aside from CJ and Chiren of course).

I'm really hoping I can move up to 100nl 6max without getting crushed again. I think my understanding of ranges vs lines is approximately 34x better this time around compared to the end of last year so it shouldn't be a problem.

Baby was due last Saturday so I'm expecting to become even more busy any day now. My 2 year old daughter is extremely excited so that's nice.

Planning to hit Supernova for 2010 sometime next week. Time for some milestone bonuses!

EDIT: Make that 1 more hour for a total of 8k hands and 14 buyins and my last Stellar bonus for the day!


  1. I mainly play full ring but want to try more 6-max too.

    Every time I jump into 6-max I start out great. Build up a nice stack and then lose it all to another big stack when I flop the nuts and then get sucked out on.

    I plan to give it another go though.

    Hope you have better luck than me!

  2. Good luck with the 6-max. I've been giving it a try myself, but since I'm primarily a limit player, I'm starting at the lowest micros for NL and trying to move up. I was pretty nitty in full ring, so I think it's a good exercise for me as a player. I really feel like we benefit overall every time we try a new game.

  3. Nice graph and good luck at 6-max. Way more fun imo. :)