Friday, 25 June 2010

End of June Please

I'm ready for July. June has been an absolute full ring disaster:

But instead of making a whine post, I am actually quite happy with my play. I've been doing a ton of work on figuring out people's ranges and taking optimal exploitive lines and I feel like I'm playing the best that I ever have. For all the talk of games getting harder, there sure are a ton of TAGfish that refuse to fold anything postflop.

Also not checking the cashier/HEM graph while playing nearly as much so that bad habit is starting to go away.

As soon as I start getting my ability to fade draws and win flips vs FPSing reg's dominated hand's kickers AIPF I'm going to be crushing. fwiw I think I only have about 2 tilt shoves in there where my equity was still pretty decent with turn NFDs even though I know they're never folding and everything else is super standard so that feels like a really good accomplishment.

Thankfully I'm up a decent amount in the bit of 6max I played this month. The sick runbad vs kickers carries over into the 280 turbos but I'm still managing $0.0182/FPP over 150 games for the month so that's fine, too.


  1. This is not a good graph. Your all-in EV says you ran good, yet your winnings don't reflect that at all. Either you're going to showdown far too light or your river bluffs are not working, if I'm going to take a guess (pointing to your showdown winnings) - especially given that you're running so good in AIEV.

    Are you bluffing a lot on the river?

  2. Are you moving back to full ring now? I thought you were playing mainly 6m

    @Poker Meister, he's running awful in AIEV... thin green line is EV, thick green line actual winnings

  3. @Happy, I've actually put in about 50/50 volume between FR and 6max this month. I do want to play FR a little more again since I'm trying to get up to 200nl more permanently but just couldn't seem to get any traction this month.

  4. Lately it seems the new month can never come quick enough, nor is the current month short enough.

  5. aaahhhh! 20 full buyins below equity for FR now and another 8 below equity for 6max...