Wednesday, 9 June 2010

FPPs: Trying Something New

*June 16th, UPDATE at bottom of post*

I just cashed in my 100k vpp milestone bonus and I've decided to try turning my FPPs into cash in the Sunday 1/4 million 280 turbo sats for $11 a shot.

I've always cashed in 100k FPPs for $1500. I really couldn't bother to wait the extra 2 months to get the best deal of 250k for $4000 even though I know it's illogical to care about when I get the money when it's going to be more. I hate clearing huge bonuses.

So instead of my $0.015/FPP, I did the math on the 280 turbos:

Out of 100 turbo sats and 28k FPPs, if I can cash in 40%, that's already $440 in instant cash as opposed to $420 worth of bonus. Add in 10% 3rd place retries and I get back 2800 FPPs. Cash in 40% of those and that's another $44 for a total of $484.

That comes out to $0.0173/FPP which is better than Supernova rate with no clearing required. And the way these play out I wouldn't be surprised if 55% ITM is possible despite the variance due to structure. These are generally 5nl cash and nanostake tournament players trying to get something besides a Chris Moneymaker poster for their FPPs. Somewhere around $665 per 100 sats and $0.023/FPP is sustainable imo.

At 1000 hands an hour at Supernova multiplier it comes out to 3 to 4 sats worth of FPPs per hour at 50nl and 100nl. Considering they finish in 5 minutes on average and fill up fast, it doesn't really take away from opportunity cost unless you're mass tabling 400nl+ and would need to play something like 6-8 of these for every hour of cash play.

I'll obviously try this out until I run significantly behind my regular bonus rate. So far so good with ITM of 50% and 3 retries out of 20 sats.

^ Cue donkament doomswitch.


I've played nearly 100 of these now with some reasonable results. I've cashed in 44% of them which is a little lower than I expected and I've won 3rd place retries in 15%. Quite a bit of sickening villain ability to hit kickers while dominated going on in the last 30 tries. If I remove the 3rd place finishes and discount the FPPs back making it a 2/5 pays satellite, I'm showing an ITM of 50% and an FPP rate of $0.0192/FPP. That's pretty decent considering Supernova is $0.0160, plus this is instant cash.

I'm going to run these up until I hit 186k VPP for the year at which point I'll have to save the next 14k so I have 50k FPP to buy the next milestone.


  1. Eh you'd be surprised, lotta nova's have caught on and they're tougher than you'd think.

  2. Concierge ftw???

    Would you like to swap links with me? :)

  3. I would actually concierge but I generally don't buy a lot of stuff and don't have 3 receipts totaling $500 every month besides bills which they won't concierge anyways.

    I could obviously buy Walmart giftcards for groceries but I imagine I would end up spending more than I usually do and waste the money anyways.

    Still going strong at $0.0205/FPP despite some runbad. Anyone with ideas about how to fade Ax when I have TT-KK give me a shout.

  4. I have actually been noticing quite a few Supernovas playing these now during off-peak hours. Thinking about saving my FPPs up for Friday and Saturday afternoons...

  5. Trying a 20-seat 210 fpp. That's the last one of those I play. This turbo is taking forever. Super easy, I'm chip leader and variance would be extremely low but I'm not spending 30 minutes playing these when the hyper turbos are done in 5 minutes.