Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh, the suspense...

I'm anxiously waiting for buyin changes at Stars just like everyone else I'm sure. It's now the 23rd and I have yet to hear anything 100% concrete. There's a lot of extremely solid favourable rumours going around but at this date it's starting to feel like the Reid bill... it's absolutely going to happen... wait... wait... maybe won't happen... time drags on with deadline approaching...

From what I understand, Stars does their server restarts on Wednesdays which I would think means that the changes will be implemented then and the last Wednesday is this coming 26th. That is unless they allow people to finish out the month and roll out new tables on the 31st with the old "20-50 tables will remain until they close or until the next server restart."

The pending anxiety over all this is actually fairly encouraging. I mean, they wouldn't really plan on having no changes and be slow rolling us this whole time would they? Anyone with half a brain would just come out and say "no changes" immediately if their was a done deal decision about no changes.

I was reading through the post I made shortly after the original changes. Mine and others' suggestions to make the current arrangement tenable were seemingly ignored. 40-50 bb overlap was never removed. Appropriate labelling or color coding was never implemented. The lobby is still the complete mess that it was on day 1 although they did add filters but this does't really help when new players are looking at a wall of 1 mirrion tables.

Fingers crossed for Wednesday. After that I'm going to start becoming desperate.

Home Game

Finally made it out to my regular home game for the first time in ages. There's a new guy there which is always fun trying to figure someone out. He comes luckboxing out of the gate and wins 4 stacks within the first hour -- we manage to get in maybe 20 hands an hour given the conversation and people not realizing action is on them. 3 flushes and a fullhouse later he's sitting 250bb deep (yes we start at 50bb stacks, lame). So I obviously rebuy because my 2 pair get it in on the flop is no good vs this guy. He's also fairly obnoxious and getting under everyone elses' skin. I like him already.

People show up and we get 8 handed. I nearly lose another stack when Q8o is no good vs A4o on Q84r. We also have a minimum rebuy rule where you can't rebuy until you're down to 20bb -- also lame. 22bb left sees me over limp J9o on the BTN with 5 limpers plus the blinds who obviously complete/check. Flop KJ9ss. Jackpot. 16bb in the pot and UTG bets 2bb, 4 players call and now the pot is 26bb. I ship for giggles and get called in 3 spots. Turn 9 omg. River 9 zomg for the super fullhouse and I hold against AK, K3 and TT and I'm finally deepstacked. I'm dealing and everyone says lol-rigged.

Deepstacked play means I can now limp literally every hand and virtually run 100/0 for the rest of the night. There is no such thing as an isolation raise in this game because you don't want to be that guy that doesn't let people hit hands and have fun and see flops and showdowns plus everyone's calling anyways. Obnoxious new guy is probably not getting invited back because he's firing out 8 bb into 12 bb pots with bottom pair in position "because everyone checked that's why." He eventually gets his ATo in vs KTss on AQJss, I say weeeeee royal draws, turn is a blank, river the guy hits the As and the room erupts.

Fun night and I end up +650 bb after 6 hours.

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  1. nice blog.
    the stars changes seem like the obvious best ones to me too. but then i thought that before they changed it to 20-50, 50-100,and 100-250