Monday, 7 February 2011

February To Do List

OK, time to actually put in some serious work and get things back together. I got my CardRunners renewed this week and started watching a bunch of videos. I downloaded everything iPod compatible that wasn't MTT stuff, sat down at work this weekend and just started watching.

First video I watch because the title sounds like maybe it's about me and I'm a little vain: The New Poker Climate. Topic: The Death of the Lazy Grinder. It is about me!  Discussion centers around running around with the biggest bucket you could find catching money falling from the sky 5 years ago vs 5 regs scrapping over every last dollar in the random fish's account now and how damn hard you better work if you want to stick around.

Second video, 13 Scariest Leaks. It's a Halloween comedy special and has some good back to basic information in it. This is now my go-to video if I feel my mindset starting to slip back into the FPS, they're playing back, general out leveling myself paranoia. I've played 2 rather long sessions after this while being sleep deprived with a total of 7 hours passed out in the last 72 (which is when I monkey tilt super easy), with very little beat induced tilt and the few times I was about to lose it I caught myself, said you better stop or you have to quit. Huge accomplishment.

On Deck, Mount Micro 2011 and A Little R&R.

Some things I want to work on this month so I can feel like I accomplished something:

  • Revamp my colour coding system - colour coding by TAG, LAG, nit, fish etc is redundant to my HUD.
  • Delete notes file and colour coding and actually start taking useful notes. No more auto-pilot.
  • The above is going to require fewer tables - Feb 10th = 6-8 tables of 50NL and 100NL on Stars or 4 Rush tables.
  • Post session review: pick the 2 regs I saw most during my sessions for a day and create battle plans in HEM.
  • Keep watching videos. Minimum of 3 per week. Take the good basic stuff out of them and do not apply the fancy shit unless I am positive it's against a level 2 or 3 reg that actually knows what's going on.
  • Pick up volume pace post-Feb-10th. FTP Black Card is currently on pace. Stars Supernova maintenance is a bit behind.

I've been pretty swingy in both my mindset and my results. Everything seems to be going great and then I run into one of those disaster sessions. That said, if I can manage to keep the tilt monster locked up, I can easily reduce the losses in those < 35% W$SD sessions to about one third of what they are now. And losing less is the same as profiting.

Still sitting on the fence wrt Stars vs FTP right now as I'm enjoying Rush more and more and seeing that it's the best of both mass tabling and focus oriented worlds. Still completely hate that they make me play a set minimum per day and can see myself falling into the having to buy Iron Days trap.

Countdown to Stars Christmas is on.

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