Sunday, 13 February 2011

Post Feb 10th / Pre Server Restart

20-50 is dying off slowly but surely. At stakes where it still remains, the waitlists are huge with regs trying to keep them going. At 50NL and 100NL the 100bb+ games are making up a good 60-67% of tables compared to CAP and remaining 20-50 combined. This is a very good sign as it shows a huge influx of the 20-50 crowd moving towards 40-100.

I would estimate that pre Feb 10th, it was a 3:2 ratio in favour of 20-50. It appears that would mean if the current dilution of the 20-50 player pool continues, fullstack tables should end up as a 3:1 favourite in the lobby over CAP. And CAP is still new and exciting as of right now 3 days later, that will wear off. It's also being mass tabled by a bunch of mediocre SSers who are just not going to be able to make it unless they find breakeven after rakeback enjoyable. When it's all said and done and the lobby settles down after a couple months, I'm optimistic that fullstack poker will outnumber CAP by at least 4:1 if not better. And then there's the possibility of moving CAP off into it's own tab on top of all that.

There's really only one way for me to fully describe the state of the games as of this moment. EA Sports NHL 95. That is, in a medium length memory sense relatively amazing. I've been playing 25NL and 50NL since the change waiting to get back into 100NL once things finish reorganizing and realizing winrates of 14 bb/100 and 8 bb/100. Granted small sample over only a couple days.

But the games just plain feel different. So what does my old Sega Genesis addiction have to do with describing this? I literally played NHL 95 every day after school with a passion for running a 2.5 goal per minute average because the goalies were just not programmed fast enough and wrap around to the far side using a backhand shot or sending a pass + one time shot from the crease line to my slightly far side centre were 95% sure things. I literally ran up 12k goal seasons like it was my job and was disappointed at games with less than 120 goals and non-shutouts were unthinkable.

That is how I feel right now when playing. I am becoming somewhat disappointed if my winrate for 25NL drops below 12 bb/100 and go into stack a donk mode to get it back up there. It's been a very long time since I could bet/bet/shove my QJ on J76xx for value and find multiple 88/20s on fullstack tables during the same session. We have seemingly stepped through the worm hole leading back to 2007. But all of us average regs are now monsters compared to what a good reg was back then considering what we've had to endure and the amount we've had to learn over the past year just to survive.

My current state of mind: slightly cautious, overly optimistic, feeling like Aaron Rodgers scrimaging with 14 year olds.


  1. yeah the games have been awesome the past couple of days!

  2. Hotlinking fail...

    Nice post the games have just been so good the last few days!