Monday, 18 April 2011

Time to Recalibrate

At this point everyone out there who's been effectively banned is trying to figure out if they should join one of the smaller sites that are still servicing Americans and decide if it's worth playing at those sites considering ability to multi table, traffic and implications of the DoJ going after them, too. At this point the "no notice of UIGEA breach because poker is a skill game" defense for sites still transferring with Americans holds no water imo although it's a pretty solid defense for the Big 3. I'm obviously not a lawyer though so I could be wrong. Good luck to all of you in whatever you choose to do.

For the rest of us it seems like things are ok on the surface as much as they can be. It's hard to comprehend how there's now these two separate poker worlds existing in parallel universes. One continuing on as if almost nothing ever happened. The other living in complete chaos. The ability to see the chaotic world without having to deal with it's problems still makes our world feel like everything's still a bit up in the air when it probably isn't.

Personally I am scrubbing any goals and plans I have made. It's time to recalibrate and see what the landscape looks like when the dust settles. No immediate goals for stakes or number of tables or VPPs or even what site although Stars has been the most trustworthy in the past which is what we need now so I'm willing to put my eggs in that basket for the time being.

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  1. You likely got the email from Stars, they are offering a 50% SCOOP bonus.