Monday, 25 February 2008

Changing my game and not breaking even

I think I've finally stopped my 40k hand breakeven/downswing streak (about 35k was breakeven, and the last 5k was a cliffedge). I dropped back down to 10nl for a bit to regain some confidence and work on changing some parts of my game that I was not happy with.

I've been playing a bit of everything lately, and while I wouldn't recommend that everyone do this - you should generally pick a game you like and stick to it - I think it's helped me find holes in my game in other games that I play. I've pretty much played everything from 2nl-25nl full ring, 2nl-10nl 6max and a bit of 6max 5nl Omaha H/L, which I have basically never played before.

The main two things I've done is to really work on my agression and open up my game in late position. I was finding myself in a lot of tough spots during my breakeven stretch and I think it was because I was not agressive enough. Playing agressively - 3betting, cbetting, reraising flops, etc - make hands really easy to play, especially against the plethora of weak-tight players at the micros.

I also find my new style also helps me put players in one of 2 groups:

1. The weak-tight player that is easy to push off hands and is not stacking off without 2pair or better most of the time, so bet until they give you a reason to stop betting. Agression factor of 1 and he's betting... he's got at least top pair and I get away cheap.

2. The wannabe LAG who stacks off with most top pairs and some second pairs and a lot of draws and bluffs a lot. Sit back and value bet them to death/let them hang themselves. Playing LAG requires excellent hand reading skills, and the players at this level do not have them.

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