Thursday, 6 March 2008

BBV4Life Update

I just got home on Sunday. I haven't played much poker in a while as I've been away at the hospital waiting for the arrival of our baby girl! This week has been pretty busy with everything going on and all the visitors, but things are starting to get back to normal. She's quite adorable and is letting us sleep at night so far, which is nice. So pics are needed obviously:

Other than that, I have been playing some 10nl full ring trying to get back into it and I'm playing fairly well. I'll be trying to put in 2k-3k hands per week minimum from now on. I haven't played at Party in a while so they shipped my $40 to play with and gave me 2 weeks to clear 320 points to unrestrict it. I turned that into about $100 during this week but didn't manage to clear the points before the deadline today with everything going on so I quickly blew the last $35 that I couldn't cash out on blackjack 1/2 an hour before the expiry. Probably should have just flipped it to double up fast and cash out some more. Oh well. I'll be back at Stars for a while until they ship me some more free cash.

Brag: New baby!
Beat: Not as much time for poker.
Variance: I don't care that there's not as much time for poker.

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