Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Movin on Up

I finally made the move up from 25nl. I still typically start my day out with 25nl just to get into it and see how focussed I am. The only problem is that I'm having trouble deciding whether to move up to 50nl or move straight up to 100nl.

I've tried a bit of both and 100nl seems to fit my style a lot better. 50nl has been pretty aggro and I hate getting 3bet constantly with such wide ranges. 100nl seems to be more straightforward - or at least more logical - with more thinking players so it's easier for me to pull off some plays because people are starting to understand what they're seeing and realize that AA is not always the nuts.

The game is a bit more nitty too and sometimes I get to play for free with all the blind stealing I can do against the right opponents - currently stealing around the 40% mark and it's very successful. IDK maybe I need to pick some tighter 50nl tables to play on. I've been playing the 50nl tables that have the highest players/flop - around 35%. It's tough to find a 100nl table that's above 25%.

The month has been really up and down with bigger swings than I am used to, but at least I'm still headed in the right direction. Currently +$475 for the month, 1/2 of it at 100nl and the other 1/2 at 25nl and 50nl. 80% of my hands are at 25nl so far.

I've been mixing up my preflop bet sizing too depending on opponents: I open anywhere from 3-4.5 BB and if there are limpers I raise anywhere from 3-5 BB +1/limper. This has really helped me out for blind stealing too, because I can get away with stealing for 3BB instead of 4BB and it doesn't have to work nearly as often.

WCGrider also ended his $10k 30 day at 25nl challenge. It's too bad, I was really hoping he'd pull it off. One thing I found interesting that he said was amazingly after a few days, the 25nl "regs" started to adjust to him, which was one of the reasons for this not being a successful prop bet for him. Towards the end of last month it seemed the same thing happened to me when I was playing with the "regs." It took them thousands of hands but they did eventually adjust.

Other than that I've had a few people help me out with my full ring game and that has really helped, so thanks to them for that! Opening my range up, helping me with hands, ideas for different lines, etc. Thinking back to even the beginning of the year it's amazing how much my game has progressed, and the way I played last year seems pretty lol to me now.

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