Friday, 27 June 2008

Settling in @ 50NL

I'm finally starting to feel quite comfortable at 50NL. Playing overrolled sure helps. I think I'm starting to get into the right frame of mind for playing at the upper end of the micro limits. There are a lot more regs here due to average pot sizes in relation to earning VPPs and once you've got them figured out, there's some good money to be had here.

3bet pots are more common with players that know how to squeeze and I am starting to get into a bit of meta game with some of them, I think. Granted, there are maybe 1/10 or less players that are at the 2nd or 3rd level, but I really enjoy the competition when I do find them. You know when they're iso'ing a fish and you know that sometimes they squeeze so you can make some good plays to win large pots against them when you're in position once you have them figured out.

This is my best month so far. 25k hands at 25NL to start the month and when the tables are dead. 9k hands at 50NL and I'm back up to 5.5 ptBB/100 for the month at that level and I'm now playing 12 tables and maintaining my winrate. I REALLY need to put in the hours, last month I put in 85 hours and I've surpassed the $ amount for May already in only 60 hours.

I'll post a graph in a couple days.

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