Thursday, 19 June 2008


I had a sick breakeven stretch for 7k hands last week where I thought I played really well and that basically put me on tilt and I dropped 8 buyins at 25nl after moving down to work on my game. Last night I finally started playing well again at 25nl so I gave 50nl another shot today with some good results: ~2 buyins in the last hour to complete a full recover from my downswing at 25nl. Move up to where they respect my raises obviously (they still don't here either).

Before the breakeven stretch/downswing I was running at a good $30/hour for the month. Now I'm at a measely $12/hour, but I feel like I learned a lot going through those last 10k hands. 50nl players are so overly aggressive that I'm finding it profitable to just sit there and wait and let them do the betting. They absolutely love to bluff when I look weak and I'm getting a lot of value out of my top pair hands vs. their air. People I've talked to are very right that this is the level where people like to experiment and it is very confusing but I think I'll become a better hand reader because of it.

I've decided to settle into 50nl for a while as I don't think I could handle a decent sized downswing at 100nl even though I'm technically rolled for it. I think I'll continue playing 50nl until I get to ~$3600 and then 4-6 table. I can't play as many tables moving up. 25nl and down I can auto-pilot for a decent winrate of maybe 7ptBB/100. But at 50nl and up, I probably run at 2ptBB/100 on auto-pilot and 8ptBB/100 if I 6-table.

I'm rambling again so I'll just post this...

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