Thursday, 30 October 2008

50NL - [?] Success

I took another shot at 50NL today. I am much more comfortable playing there now with my new style. I think I might call today's session a success. When you take everything into account, I think I did ok and held my own over 4k hands at -1 buyin:

- Ran into the bad end of set over set 2x
- Flush over flush 1x
- Luckboxing morans calling with second pair or worse and hitting after I get 2/3 of their stack in x6
- Getting outflopped a lot by 60/5 types and valuetowning myself

I was -3 buyins at one point and managed to fight my way back to +1 buyin. Then I ran into the above mentioned luckboxes and finished the session at -1 buyin. I also never hit draws or sets at 50NL:

J9ss < ATo on As4s9c after I shove over his min-c/r of my flop PSB, lol. Multiple examples of this.
I had 231 pocket pairs with a VPIP/PFR of 86/69 for those and managed to flop a whopping 11 sets.

I don't feel like converting HHs but the gist of my session and a summation of my experience at 50NL so far is:
Me QJs - raise a limper. Flop QJ8r. Get donked into, reraise him to 1/2 his remaining stack. Aggressive call by villain. Turn 8. He has A8. gg.

I am not going to let this affect my currently high level of confidence. On review, I played awesome except for 2 spewy reg war spots and I managed to run like ass for nearly the entire session. I am absolutely going to crush this level once variance regresses to the mean.

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