Wednesday, 15 October 2008

October = Variance

I've had a rediculously high variance month and have not managed to get more than +/- 8 buyins from breakeven until today. I've mixed in some 100NL and some 50NL as well as my regular 25NL.

100NL - I am down quite a bit due to set over set situations. These took a huge hit on my BR over the weekend. I still think I played the hands alright, so that's what matters.

50NL - I am not spewing anymore and I am surviving as a very slight winner, something like 0.5 ptBB/100 or something.

25NL - Very swongy in full ring with people catching draws all over the place against me. On the other hand, I'm absolutely crushing 6 max.

Today was probably the best day of poker I've had in a very long time. I took a break from my swongy full ring play and 6 tabled 25NL 6 max. I worked on a bunch of stuff with SplitSuit who did a coaching session with me and my goal today was to apply it to my 6 max game since I could get into a lot more positional pots and play less tables without going crazy and really really think through hands. I was quite pleased with the results.

I ran hotter than the sun, but 25NL 6max is stocked full of fish, the ratio is probably double compared to full ring. I've also switched up my HUD to get rid of all the useless stats that were just confusing me and making me make bad decisions and cluttering up the screen. I reviewed my session and only found 1 mistake that cost me more than 50BB - there were 5 pots where I lost more than 50BB. I was also winning a ton of 10-30BB hands.

VPIP/PFR/AF: 23/18/4
W$WSF: 45%
ptBB/100: 30 - YES, THREE-ZERO
Hands: just under 1700
profit: +11 buyins

I think I'm going to run with this for a bit. You can valuebet so sick at 25NL 6 max compared to full ring. I am kind of interested in the difference between 50NL full ring and 6max, perhaps I would have an easier transition doing that since 6max seems so much easier than the full ring version of the same level every time I try it out. I'm not quite prepared to jump on the 6max bandwagon yet, but I think I should leave it open as an option as I do really enjoy it compared to the full ring grind. I don't like playing a bunch of different games on a day to day basis, so I'll have to consider this quite carefully.


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  2. damn, i feel the same way about 100nl... took a big shot and got set under setted 8 times in 6k hands...

    now stuck back in the 50nl.

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