Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Traditional end of month heater

I tend to like to finish out every month with a heater. This month is no exception. Except I think this heater is actually not a heater but rather a show of skill. I made some very fundamental changes to my game in the past couple of days and they are paying huge dividends. My heater is not due to stacking people with the nuts or catching miracle cards and draws like they usually are.

I am actually out-playing people. I am LAGing instead of nitting. Poker feels easy. Like it all started to click. To the tune of 15 ptBB/100 over 5k hands. Something is very different when my non-SD line goes from a slowly descending red to a decent ascending red making up 1/5 of my profit consistenltly - so far, I think it can become an even bigger factor. I did not think this was possible in uFR, but it is.

This is still 25NL so I will still have to see if I can manage to translate this into 50NL success. I think that my next shot will be a success. That is my goal.

1 comment:

  1. congrats... always nice to see that non-SD line going up.

    Much better to make 5BI b/c you're playing well, than make 5 because you get AA over KK 5 times.

    Just don't run me over when you take another shot at 50 :)

    - notontilt