Saturday, 8 November 2008

C'mon Stars - One Time!

100NL has been going well. 50NL has not been going well. Just finished a 1600 hand session and finished another 3 buyins below equity: -2 buyins total for the session:

set < set
top set < bare flush draw with undercards
99 on 983cc < two guys both with KK in a 350BB 3bet pot
4 Flush boards can bite me
I am utterly doomswitched at 50NL

^That almost looks like a haiku. Yay! Highlight of my day!

My thoughts on 4 flush boards - ie. The Bane of My Existence:
4 flush boards annoy me in every possible way. There should be a rule change stating that a flush must use both holecards and only 3 community cards. 4 flush boards completely ruin the game. They completely negate all strategic plays.

If you win a hand on a 4 flush board, unless you had some other big draw or your opponent is a station and you're betting, you probably sucked out and luckboxed your way into a win. You either called down or "semi-bluffed" and ended up getting a card that is not going to get you any action at all and it is incredibly obvious what you have if you put any money in the pot and you are never never never getting called with worse. So unless you were getting remarkable odds on the flop or turn, you are making a mistake drawing to a 4 flush board. There's no implied odds there.

What annoys me even more though is when I completely outplay someone and they call all in with whatever pair that I have utterly crushed with a big hand like a set or a straight and they luckbox their way into a runner runner flush. I could just about be a faceroller and achieve the same outcome. It takes all the skill out of the game. Prime example: my 99 vs KK and KK hand above where I'm 96% on the flop when the money goes in. Runner runner my strat to death.

I am starting to wonder if Stars has a massive plan to keep the $ pool at each limit optimal to ensure the continuation of the games. $25NL has too much money --> ship it to me en masse --> let me deposit it at 50NL for you where there seems to be a shortage of $. lol :P

This just boggles my mind considering that I'm running at 10ptBB/100 consistently at 25NL. And it's completely based on 2 to 5 outers hitting every time I get stacks in. I checked the past 3 months and I am a total of -12 buyins below equity at 50NL.

I am still confident because I know my money is being put into luckboxes in some drooler's closet. I am not being outplayed, I am being out-rivered. They don't even understand what "playing back at me" means.

50NL is just cooler and badbeat city. Plain and simple. More fish = more bad beats/more money in the long run. I have to just repeat it over and over. Or go back to 25NL to fund my leapfrog to 100NL. It appears to be the only way to beat the "spread the wealth" system Stars has going. They'll never see the leapfrog coming...

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