Saturday, 1 November 2008

October Results

Poker was very swongy for me again this month. I finally started thinking about the strat I was using and how it was not optimal around the time I had a massive downswing at 50NL. I then watched a Stox series made by SplitSuit, and it totally changed what I'm doing now and the results have been solid for a week since I have started implementing it.

I haven't posted a graph in a while. This is October:

Surprisingly I'm really happy with the way the month turned out although I played way less hands than I wanted to and made less money than I had planned on. I haven't made less since February. You can see the point in the graph where I changed my game around and started basing them on Split's videos.

I'm really excited about playing again now because the new style is so much more dynamic and fluid that it has made poker interesting again. The nitty-TAGish 18 tabling was starting to wear me out and stunting my growth. I'm now 12 tabling with the new style and I am having more fun, making more (hopefully), and figuring out how to actually play this game!

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