Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Congratulations USA

Congrats to President-Elect Barack Obama. I was actually quite inspired by the US Election Day yesterday. Not necessarily because of the results - I wasn't particularly moved by either campaign - but by the reaction of Americans around the country. Most notably the voter turnout on all sides of the political spectrum.

Perhaps people are coming around and starting to actually think about the political process and want their voices heard again; a stark contrast to the growing apathy that has taken place over the last decade or two. The enormous lineups of eager voters were amazing - as if Americans had once again discovered democracy and felt that they could each make a real difference. This should actually be a congrats to the people of the United States in particular more than congrats to any particular winning candidates.

I hope that this trend continues and that the US can once again reclaim its status as democratic leader of the world. Someone to once again look up to. I don't know if Americans realize it or not, but the rest of the world is watching every move you make.

Lead by example, not by force. Make the rest of the world want to be like America, not have to be like America. A lot of us that live outside of the US are ecstatic to see the American spirit that seemed dead and misguided for the past 7 years revived.

To President-Elect Obama: I hope that you continue to inspire Americans and urge them to make a difference. Be true to your promises and honest with the electorate rather than reciting sound-bite rhetoric - we've all had enough of that kind of governance for a lifetime. I sincerely hope that you can Change America, perhaps Restore is a better word...

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