Monday, 1 December 2008

November Results

My goals for November were simple: Have fun, Stay motivated, and Move up... in that order. I accomplished all 3 of those and had my best month ever. So my December goals are going to be the same - well, I probably won't be moving to 200NL this month or any time soon. I want to put in a good 100k to 200k hands of 100NL first.

And I'm adding a goal of getting Supernova. I have 29,703 points to go. That's approximately 2.5 hours of 100NL per day. It's going to be awfully close, but I am off of work from the 24th until the end of the year and should be able to put in the extra volume.

I haven't posted a graph in a while, so here's November:


  1. awesome work dude. Very motivational for a micro donk like me!

  2. Hey, sorry about bugging you again but would you be able to explain why my graph is like this? I dont understand the reasoning behind it. I think it could be to do with getting bluffed off a lot of hands but not sure. Here is the link:

  3. Thanks behhh!

    Finn, it most likely is because you're either folding way too much postflop or not valuebetting enough.

    I'd have to take a look at your stats, so if you could post a screenshot of your VPIP/PFR and WtSD and W$SD and W$WSF and possibly positional stats as well, I could take a look.

    If your WtSD stats are below 20% and/or your W$SD is above 58% you are probably folding way too much when you probably have the best hand.

    Maybe one thing to try would be to check-call rivers with hands that have showdown value more when you're out of position. And valuebet more when you're in position.

    I've considered posting my AIM to make it easier to contact me, but I'm a little worried about being hassled by scammers.