Thursday, 4 December 2008

Supernova Race

As I said, I am attempting to hit Supernova before the year is up. Bankroll wise, I can actually have a -$1500 month and end up +$1500. I would get a $1500 bonus for this month and an extra 100k FPPs on the first 100k VPPs next year for another $1500 bonus. Of course the plan is to actually make some money along the way.

I've been trying to 18 table 100NL for the past week or so every day for 2-3 hours. I've really gotten used to the level, but it requires an intense level of focus for me. I will probably be burned out at the start of January, but the motivation to hit Supernova is really pushing me right now.

I am going to have to adjust my calculations though due to VPP rates dropping in the last few days. Normally 100NL runs at .32 to .36 VPPs/hand and it's at .30 VPPs/hand. 50NL has dropped from .21 to .18. So this is going to require a few more hours than I had anticipated.

I considered 24 tabling and shortstacking but decided against it. The variance is too big and if I went on a large downswing I might give up. The other option may be to pick up another monitor. I don't know if my decision making is fast enough for 24 tables, but I've been trying to keep it fairly simple and play my game. 24 tables is a bit much on a 19" widescreen but it can be done. I won't resort to that until the last week of the month or so if required.

I finish work at 7:00 am on the morning of the 24th and don't go back to work until January 2nd. This is when I really want to put in the bulk of my time and will be putting in 6-8 hours per day for that week and put in maybe 2500 VPPs per day there. If I can do that, I only need to put in about 10k VPPs in the next 2 weeks, but I'm trying to do as much as possible obviously.

100NL has been going alright. I had a bad session last night where I ran card dead and was getting called down a lot. I played some 50NL today to regain some confidence and won back most of what I lost yesterday, then some 100NL with a quick -1/+1 buyin session to end breakeven over a couple hours. I am finding a lot more success in letting people make huge mistakes at 100NL rather than trying to price them out when I don't even know if I'm ahead. A lot of them are overly aggressive so I just let them go ahead and bet.

At 50NL, I again came to the conclusion that helped me figure out how to beat 2NL when I first started out but it takes me a while to rediscover it every time. There's always those one or two guys at the table that you can't figure out how to beat. My brother is just starting out playing some 2NL and I told him, "You know that jerk on the button that you can't beat? Don't try to beat him. You be the jerk."

The solution: Don't try to beat them. Try to be them.

At 50NL, that means I am going to be the floaty, check-raising douchebag that I always get so pissed at. At 100NL, I'm the guy that relentlessly 3bets the weak-tights' obvious steals. And it works.


  1. I like the "be the jerk" idea, always had it in the back of my mind but kept forgetting it. Thanks a million for your help, for past two days I'm playing at 12/7, 3.5 BB/100 and $23 an hour. It wont last but hopefully I'll be able to sustain $9 or $10 an hour. Thanks

  2. hi msgrinder

    i think your site is terrific and i regularly read it. i would advise anyone coming into ring play to read this rather than the sklansksy et al stuff which just not related to this level at all.

    i started playing sngs at pokerstars and after building up a bankroll from nothing moved to cash fr after around 500 games. i find the variance less than the sng thing and think there is a bit more to the fr game.

    i play a similar game to you (although i play more small ball and push less, eg your qq v ak(donk) river-felted post). the big difference is I advocate playing less tables, 6-8 (fr) for a higher bb rate. although your o/all rate per hour surely is more, along with your bonuses, you can only make automated decisions at the 16-24 table realm.
    that means any experimenting usually has to be done away from the tables, if at all. the higher you go, the less huds are relevant, and i would be accepting a lower win rate to get this learning curv in at the 50nl 100nl realm.
    i think a slightly more lag approach than your stats suggest you play also helps at the 25nl 50 nl realm, again while slightly less profitable (maybe) at the micros than nit/tag gives you a huge learning advantage as hand ranges and post flop play become far more important. this is then exploitable at the 50nl 100nl 200nl realms which is where the real returns start to come, even if for a lower bb/rate.
    anyway these are just a few of my own corrupted thoughts, but i love your site and your honesty.
    hope to post more later

  3. hey mate just wondering how you play organise your tables to play 24 of them! i have 2 22inch monitors which allow me to 12 table reasonably comfortably but te tables would be tiny if i 24 tabled.


    - behhh04

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    behhh, I have one 19" widescreen. I can play any multiple of 6 on it because I use a combination of tiling and stacking. I have a bit of overlap, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

    My setup basically looks like this:

    xxxx xx xxxx
    xxxx xx xxxx

    with the overlap on the middle tables. I usually play 18 tables and do 3 layers of this setup.