Friday, 27 February 2009

Month End Heaters Tradition Resumes

Update: I've run pretty decently most of this week. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I've actually played really decently this week despite running what I believe to be average. 18ptBB/100 for the past few days, but super small sample: 20ptBB/100 at 100NL and 17ptBB/100 at 50NL since Tuesday. 8ptBB/100 for the week in total.

Project: I've done a ton of thinking about my game and strat in general and I've been trying out a few things very successfully like adjusting bet sizes more and really really thinking through hands and maximizing against ranges. The less tables I play, the more I can put people on narrower and narrower ranges which is huge for me. So much of this game is counter-intuitive.

The one thing I am definitely working on right now is blind defence. I think this is one of the bigger leaks in my game right now and I'm watching a 10 part series (long yes?) by Ed Miller regarding this topic.

It's probably not the most important thing out there in the micros since there's so much value to be had in other spots that make up for it by far. But my goal for this year is to improve each part of my game wherever I am finding leaks and trying to plug them. There's probably much bigger leaks that I have than giving up blinds to easily, but I've been thinking about this topic and this week it sounds interesting to me, so that's what I'll be working on.

I'm trying to put together a list of skillsets and theoretical topics that are involved in this game. I'm in the process of organizing everything into categories right now and how they inter-relate. Then I can go through them and rate myself on each skillset and figure out how knowledgeable I am about each topic, then pick one and read and watch and study everything I can find regarding that for 1-2 weeks. Then put it into practice, re-rate that skill, and move on to the next.

It gives me a sense of tangible/optical progression, rather than seeing a 1ptBB/100 increase in winrate and thinking, gee, does that mean improvement or am I running good? I won't know for another 50k hands without something tangible to back it up. Build confidence in your game regardless of whether you are running good or bad.

Kind of like leveling up your characters' skillsets in the old SNES RPGs for those that were born in the 80s like me. FF3 (FF6 to you non-N. Americans) FTW. Level 80 Mog is going to kick ass regardless of whether or not he takes some unlucky beats. I want to be a Level 80 Mog.

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  1. I agree entirely with your thoughts mate. The micros are so weak there will always be profitable situations to make up for letting your blinds go lightly but the higher youy go, it should get harder to win so every 0.1bb/100 is vital