Sunday, 8 March 2009

Continuing to play well

I've been playing pretty decently for the past few weeks now without any major downswings, almost all of it at 50NL and 100NL. I'm keeping my sessions a lot shorter which helps since I've noticed I tend to plateu after about an hour at which point the downswing is inevitable.

Sometimes I'll just close the client, and other times I'll take a 5 minute break and fire up new tables. I think one of my biggest problems is leaving tables once they became unprofitable with too many regs and/or shortstackers. So since I suck at table selection while playing, I just automatically uncheck my blinds on all tables regardless of whether the table is good to stay at or not after an hour. I'm thinking about adding a 2nd monitor where I can keep the lobby open at all times to spot good tables to possibly fix this leak of mine.

And I've been in the non-spew state of mind which plagued me a bit during February and December. I finally thought, "You know what? It's not personal when they 3bet you. It's not personal when they float you. I do it to other people not because I'm trying to tilt them. It's all just strat." And that seems to have gotten me out of the tilty-spewy mode that I sometimes find myself in. Filter your databases to see how profitable just calling river bets and raises is. Then filter to see how profitable calling turn raises is. It's quite an eye opener.

And on a political note, I found this interview quite interesting:

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