Monday, 16 February 2009

Quick Update: Thoughts on Multi-Tabling

I haven't posted an update in a while. Basically because I've felt like not much has been going on. I slacked off way too much in January and didn't get my 10k points in (lol) to maintain Supernova, so I can't miss another month or I'll lose it.

I'm back on track for that now mostly by playing a good deal of 50NL. I've finally also accepted that my priorities wrt my goals are actually backwards. Thanks to The Data Kid for pointing a lot of this out to me. He's helped me out a lot with discussions on improving and tilt and all sorts of other stuff.

My goal is to be reg'ing it up at 100NL and 200NL by the end of the year at which point I think I will have found my full ring home. So in order to achieve that you obviously need the bankroll for it. My take on this until recently has been to mass table (18-24) to build the bankroll. This is just wrong, because my game is not up to standard to be able to be a 100NL-200NL reg and even if I do achieve the required bankroll by mass tabling, it won't help me anyways because the skill is just not there yet.

So I've cut down on tables to work on improving my game. I dropped down to 8 at first and ended up getting really spewy because I had too much time to think about decisions and I was outleveling myself a lot and making a lot of FPS plays. The change was too drastic. So I went back up to 12 and I've found that to be relatively comfortable and I'm picking up on a lot more spots where I can bluff profitably without it involving FPS.

Other than that, I thought I was running fairly decent lately. I have obviously broken the habit of looking at my graph and cashier box due to the fact that I had no idea until yesterday that I was on a massive breakeven swong for 35k hands. That's oddly discouraging and encouraging at the same time. I'll just look at the positive =) Most of it is running hot at 50NL, downswinging at 100NL, and breakeven at 25NL.

I can honestly say that I've only spewed 2 buyins this month which is also encouraging and after reviewing my database pretty much everything else is coolers and beats, by far the majority being coolers (set over set, KK vs AA, flush < flush). So overall I'm starting to like the mindset I'm in of the graph/money doesn't matter as long as I feel like I'm playing well and improving.

Oh and I'm almost finished clearing my $1500 bonus so that will be nice to have. I suspect a bout 1/2 of it my be going to new tires on my car though which I have been putting off for a while.


  1. so when you get enough fpps at stars you can buy cash, but you have to still work it off like a bonus?????

    Have you ever used a mobile broadband connection for a laptop to play poker? just wonderd how many tables you could play on one of those b4 it gets laggy. It says you can download 3GB a month on em, but what does this mean poker wise?

    hope your having a good month anyway, ive been re reading some of your blog to try and get the inspiration to "grind" again lol.


  2. Wow dude, crazy grind! Just curious what stats you have for VPIP and PFR when you 12-15 table. I use to 8 table back in the day on FTP but now only 4 table and fell my game, at least skill wise, has really improved! Best of luck!

  3. Hey Neil. Yeah you still have to work off the bonus. It's always 7x whatever the $ amount is, but you keep the VPPs/FPPs you earn while working it off. I kind of despise laptops (lol) so I have 0 experience with that stuff, sorry =)

    Hey Jon. I think I had been going a little nuts sometimes 12 tabling but I'm bringing it back under control. At one point I had some major FPS after dropping tables and was running about 27/23. I'm usually in the 14/10 to 19/17 range now depending on how I'm feeling on that particular day.