Saturday, 31 January 2009

Monthly $100K Today

Well I had a good run at the Monthly $100K Gold+ Freeroll today - 6600 entrants. I hovered between 20th and 70th for a good portion of the tourney - I believe the highest I got was 12th. I've read up on what I consider to be some pretty solid MTT strat and I think that helped a lot. Card dead-ness really used to affect me in MTTs and that's why I avoided them, but I think I've got this down now.

I busted out with about 250 left. I had doubled up and won a bunch of domination situations vs short and medium stacks and was sitting with a stack about 2.5x the average - which let me really start to open up and steal more pots against medium stacks and snap off short stacks who I thought were desperate. I was really hoping for a table change due to the LAG sitting 3 seats to my left who covered me slightly and was making life miserable. I'd only been able to take blinds when he was UTG . He was running 44/33 and playing really aggro postflop and getting a lot of folds. The rest of the table was quite nitty except for the dude that is running 10/10 and has a few less chips than me but is open shoving any Ax for some reason with 50BB late in the tourney.

So I raise up KcQc in MP and expect to pick up blinds. I haven't tangled with the LAG yet, the problem has just been that he won't let me get into any pots despite me having position a lot as I'm really not comfortable playing postflop with him with much.

LAG calls on the button. Flop: 2c 7c 6d. Wonderful flop imo. SPR is 4 and I bet 2/3 pot which basically committs me, and I'm fine with this considering I have overcards and a FD. LAG calls. Turn is a harmless looking 9s. I shove since I'm committed and would really like a fold, plus I have a ton of outs and I've seen him float with J high no draw. Villain snap calls with Ts9s and river blanks. I'm out and thinking I should have just gone ahead and overbet-shoved flop with that much equity, but I'm probably just being results oriented.

Maybe I'll start playing some small MTTs or 6max. I think I just need something different to try to get motivated again. If I could do it again, I don't know if pushing so hard for Supernova in December was worth it for a full month of burnout that was January. I still don't really feel like playing - not even to get my $1500 bonus cleared.

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