Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Back to spewboxing

It's kind of funny how I mention I'm not spewing and then go and do exactly that. I've been running kind of card dead and getting drawn out on a lot the past couple of days. Add the fact that I really haven't had too many opportunities to stack people either with a flop set of 4%.

So I ended up donking off 3 buyins at 100NL yesterday on stupid bluffs and tilt. Running 3 buyins below equity didn't help either. Then I sat out and sat there for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what was going on. I decided that for some reason or another I had gotten back into spew mode and needed something to keep me in line.

So obviously move up to where they respect my raises ldo. That wasn't my reasoning but I did go and sit at 6 200NL tables for about 1/2 an hour to force myself back into playing solid, spew free poker. Guys like threads13 who I was sitting with will put you back in your place pretty quick if you get out of line. I managed to survive the 1/2 hour for a profit of $0.04. =)

So tonight my goal is going to be a solid 2 hours of spew-free poker.

And this game is incredibly addicting. And oddly relaxing. I think it's the music...

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  1. Can't get past level 12!!! lol

  2. I know for sure you will be alright again sir,

    you are just entering the second fase of the learnings of a poker player, which isn't the strategy but all mental

    Pz! run good

  3. lol, apparently it takes an average of 18 tries to beat level 12.

    yeah i am starting to realize that when i get spewy is when i'm trying stuff out and adding more aggression into my game. it's just part of the learning process and not necessarily a bad thing in the long run even though it is -EV right now.