Monday, 7 September 2009

A lot of learning going on

Thought I'd add a quick update here. In the past week I finished reading The Poker Mindset by Hilger and Taylor. I was planning to write a review on it but decided to put that off until I've finished Schoonmaker's Poker Winners are Different - I'm about half way through that and want to compare them.

Other than that poker has consisted of 100NL 6max shots going super-bad and 50NL 6max and FR grinds going super-good. 50NL to 100NL 6max seems like a lot bigger jump than the FR equivalent and I'm quite surprised at either my terrible game selection or a huge jump in opponent skill level. The dynamic is quite different but I don't want to go making huge adjustments yet. I think it's a range problem that I'll have to do some math work on.

I'm just glad I have gotten the majority of my tilt under control and those -3 BI 100NL sessions don't turn into -6 BI monkey tilt adventures anymore and I can get my composure back to easily grind it back at 50NL every time.

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