Thursday, 1 October 2009


September turned out to be my best month ever after bonuses. I'm starting to consistently put together some big sessions day after which is nice compared to putting in only a couple of nice heaters a month. Getting more and more of a handle on my preflop and postflop game and working hard on merging them into a cohesive overall strategy.

I'm looking to start beating 100nl+ 6max in October. I've had an incredibly rough time there so far both running way below expectation and getting outplayed badly by a lot of people. I'm thinking that's going to change shortly and my work should start paying off. Hopefully after this month I won't be looking back.

I'm up to 80k hands of 6max so far and still loving it. I'm mixing in some FR here and there but I'm using those sessions more as experimental sessions to try out some lines since I can sit around and wait for hands and pick my spots more judiciously without having to worry about spending much on blinds.

So yeah, learning lots of new stuff like always. Feels like trying to get over that hill of skill and understanding table dynamic for small stakes right now - a lot like how it took me a lot of shots to beat 50nl last year. I don't think it'll take me nearly as long to figure it out this time, skill sets tend to grow at an exponential rate ime.

Favorite hand of the day: I'm trying out some SLOB (steal limps out of the blinds). Hand has almost no postflop value most of the time OOP but I can win weak limps and can take down pots with cbets if I steal. Flop looks about as good as it gets for me with small top pair and back door flush draw so I cbet enough intending to call the shortstack if he shoves (he has $12 left) and not wanting to freeze up the betting if he does. The turn onwards was supposed to be a give-up but then I said, "Well, I do have some showdown value and 'lol-pot-odds' on a wet board..."

Poker Stars $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - View hand 308544
The Official Hand History Converter

Hero (BB): $50.00
UTG: $15.75
MP: $16.15
CO: $87.95
BTN: $48.50
SB: $50.00

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BB with K of spades 6 of clubs
UTG calls $0.50, 3 folds, SB calls $0.25, Hero raises to $3, UTG calls $2.50, SB calls $2.50

Flop: ($9.00) 3 of hearts 4 of spades 6 of spades (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $6, UTG calls $6, SB calls $6

Turn: ($27.00) 9 of diamonds (3 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets $2.50, SB calls $2.50, Hero calls $2.50

River: ($34.50) 3 of diamonds (3 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets $4.25 all in, SB calls $4.25, Hero calls $4.25

Final Pot: $47.25
Hero shows K of spades 6 of clubs (two pair, Sixes and Threes)
UTG shows 7 of spades J of spades (a pair of Threes)
SB shows 5 of hearts 5 of spades (two pair, Fives and Threes)
Hero wins $45.00
(Rake: $2.25)

And October's off to a decent start (understatement):


  1. Hey, we have the same redline (from 0-676)!

  2. lol yeah, couldn't get people to fold during that session, judging by blueline I obviously didn't want them to either =)