Thursday, 12 November 2009

Feeling pretty good right now

Thought I'd do a quick update. Played a few amazing sessions today and playing my A+++ game. Getting a lot of max value in some thin spots (ty Joop) and playing way more effectively aggressive than I normally do.

I skipped a few days worth of playing already this month because I just didn't feel like playing. But the past few days, and especially today, I feel like I've had some aha moments wrt manipulating people's ranges and stuff recently and am now super motivated again. Playing face-up poker is just so much fun.

Obligatory brag graph:

I obviously enjoy photoshopping and was a little bored so.... yeah.

Continuing to put some big scores together more frequently. Hopefully I can keep this up. I'm also extremely excited about playing some tournaments in December as part of a potential uFR team. Someone has to hit it big.

Other than that, the first video of my series "25nl: Crushing the Quarter" is due out on Friday the 13th on Best Free Poker Coaching


  1. haha awesome graph! you care to go into more depth about some of the 'ahhh moments'?

  2. This was one of them. Pretty sure you would have read this already but...

    Joop's thin value thread

    Also, I finally forced myself to realize that playing optimally requires actually making the moves that you think are correct all of the time, not just when it's inexpensive to do so lol.

  3. Well, be careful with that value stuff. I had a hand last night -- I raised UTG; button called; flop came 3A3r, I checked, he bet $3 and I called, turn was a Q, went check check, river Q. I bet $6, he raised to $14, I shoved and he called. Now, OK, he had a Q, but what does he think he's getting value from by raising? I guess Ax, but I would have bet the turn with Ax. I guess he thought he was getting "thin value" but he was just getting himself stacked. :-/

  4. There's a difference between people that play the absolute value of their hand at 0 level thinking and people that handread well and are able to make a decision to go for thin value.