Sunday, 15 November 2009

Omaha is kind of fun

Took a break from NLHE today and spent the day playing PLO50. Was quite a bit of fun and I'm understanding the equity side of things more and more. Seems to be a ton of 60/40 all-in situations which is why the variance is so high - set + FD vs wrap + FD type of stuff - and my standard deviation is 2x my NLHE standard deviation despite a winrate that's 5x larger.

Ended up winning a ton of flips today, probably 80% of them if I had to guesstimate. I have to say that the PLO fish population is worse than NLHE fish population. It's becoming rare to find a 60/5 type player in holdem at any level, but in PLO you get 4 cards so it's pretty standard to have 2 or 3 players running something like that trying to fullhouse mine and they're still willing to get it in with AAxx no draw postflop as if they're playing holdem. Super profitable. I'm not really sure at what point I should try moving up from PLO50 but I'm thinking the skill level for PLO100 might be somewhere around the level of 25nl-50nl. Maybe next weekend.

Put my stats on the graph. I have no idea if these are standard TAG or fishy or what but they're pretty close to my stats over my entire 12k hand sample. Super heater today.

Also, congrats to knn and tom on the Sunday Mil scores!


  1. Can you explaij what you mean by "60/5 type player in holdem" i want to make sure thats not me;)

  2. hehe sure. The 1st # is just voluntarily put $ in pot, this is the % of total hands where villain puts chips in. The 2nd # is preflop raise %.

    So someone that's 60/5 plays 60% of their hands and only raises 5% of them preflop - your standard super-loose-passive calling station type.

  3. I don't seem to have a hard time finding the super stations anymore. My problem is trying to make a pair against them.