Tuesday, 3 November 2009

First 3 25nl videos almost complete

Well I've almost got the first few videos for my 25nl series on Best Free Poker Coaching finished and hope to have them up soon. I think I'd call it more of an intermediate level series. From my own experience this is about where most winning 25nl and even 50nl regs are at. They typically have a really good understanding of fundamentals which puts them ahead of the average losing/breakeven player but sometimes have a bit of a disconnect between applying some concepts correctly and meshing their overall strategy.

So I'm going to try to demonstrate how a lot of those standard concepts work together to help the 25nl reg get to that next level in their game with this series.

The first video is going to be about the 3 types of advantages we have in poker and how to use them to make decisions about whether to play a hand or not along with player categorization and tendencies and what kind of adjustments we can make according to that information.

The second video will build on that and look more at hand selection and ranges versus different types of players. Based on this we can look at playing different types of hands against different types of players and having a plan for those hands that meshes our preflop actions together with our postflop plan.

The third video is still a little up in the air as to what I want to look at. Right now I'm thinking of going more in depth with our postflop plan in terms of equity and aggression. I imagine this will look at finding more spots to maximize value and steal pots using our equity. Probably more focus on hands like suited connectors and suited broadways that give us those equity shares where we can remain aggressive rather than the more binary hit or miss hands.
So look for those to come out soon on Best Free Poker Coaching. By the way, I need a name for the series, so if you have any ideas for that or other concepts you'd like to see, let me know!


  1. "Things Zachary Evans Should Have Learned By Now But Amazingly Hasn't: Parts 1-3"

  2. Am I in the vids? Am I the idiot? Oh wait I think you are FTP....

  3. ru the lag guy that stacked me last night after calling my 3 bet with 86s? damn u.

  4. Call the series Thoughts of a Microstakes Grinder :)

  5. lol Zach. nh.

    Conan you just might be in the videos, they're on Stars, but you're not yet. Actively searching for you though =)

    Sounds kind of like me stacking people with 86s but I don't get anywhere near that crazy in these videos (yet) and I was playing 50nl 6max on the 3rd for +5 BI. Pretty sure I stacked someone with some random suited garbage there in a 3bet pot.

    Aaron, that is actually a really good idea and it's so obvious that I completely overlooked it. nice catch. I'm actually thinking about editing over the intro to change it now, have to see if I can get the audio to match up. ty sir.