Thursday, 29 April 2010

April Wrap-up

April turned out to be really swongy. Thankfully the swong ended on a nice upswing towards the end of this month. I've nearly completed 100k hands of fullring for the month to finish out the 2 group volume props for this month totaling $250 so I'm thinking I might make a little off of that. Doesn't hurt to throw my name on the list when I'm pretty much guaranteed to play enough hands - it is a good motivator.

Had some really sick variance in 2/3 of the 200nl shots I took this month running top fullhouses and AA into quads several times. Variance is expected over 5k hands though. The 3rd shot ended nicely though and I think I'm going to be taking more controlled shots there a lot more often in the near future. Currently running 100nl at 3 ptBB/100 over 45k hands this month and I've only managed to put in about 10k of those on the weekends.

Games are running extremely well in small stakes. Table selection continues to be absolutely amazing with the Stars structure changes and there are still way more 40-100 tables than 20-50 tables which is a good sign. I've heard people complaining at 600nl+ that this is not true. I don't see a reason why Stars couldn't adjust structure according to different stakes depending on current strategies and player bases - no reason for everything to be site-wide. The counter-argument is obviously that it's unethical to try to shuttle fish into regs' preferred games and could be detrimental to the future economy of the game. Overall I think they did a really good job still.

Tried out several Rush donkaments on FTP and all I can say is wow. The fish:shark ratio in tournaments is generally higher than in cash games but these tournaments are off the chart. I obviously only finished on the bubble in both that I played and couldn't keep dodging the minefield forever. Crippled with KK<65o AI on the flop on T75r and a couple standard KK<AA (one on the first hand lol).

I have 8k hands to finish up today and tomorrow which shouldn't be a problem. Right on pace. I am having trouble putting in 6 hours a day with the rest of life going on but that's ok. I'm going to scale this back to a 25 hour week schedule next month.

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