Monday, 1 November 2010

200k VPPs: On Pace

I'm currently on pace to hit my 200k VPP goal by the end of the year on Stars. I need 625/day for the rest of the year and have been averaging about 600. I do have the last 2 weeks of the year off of work so it shouldn't be a problem.

Starting to think about goals for next year. Some preliminary thoughts:
  • Decide on 300k or 400k VPP pace and hit the ground running January 1st.
  • Find an optimal improvement process.
  • Continue to smash my thought processes apart and put in serious study.
  • Move back up.

My game improvement really stagnated this year and I kind of fell behind the learning curve a lot. There was a ton of run-bad this summer, but I honestly think if you are serious about this game that you should strive to make your game good enough to show profit even during run-bad at these stakes. Regs are slowly getting better as a group and I was starting to fall behind. I don't know, probably due to burnout.

I kind of feel like I've been in an all-out-sprint to catch up this month and I feel pretty successful. At this rate I think I can pass a bunch of them again shortly. This game is so swingy, not just results, but everything that goes along with it. Results --> motivation --> volume --> improvement. Everything is connected. That's the wrong order but I think it's the one that most of us live by. Not only do you have to rearange your in game thought process, you have to rearange how you think about the game.

If only I could cut results out of the equation and have improvement be my motivation to put in volume.

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