Saturday, 13 November 2010

Contest Winner!

And the winner is... bobby13!

Sorry to bobby and Splitsuit for the extra sweat. I didn't realize I had to moderate comments on the last post already =)

bobby13's guess of 3500 is within 163.36 bb of my actual 3336.64 bb below AIEV. Congrats! If you could post your 2p2 screenname as a comment below or give me some other way to contact you I'll get you your free copy of Tilt Breaker.

Thanks to everyone who put in a guess! And now it's time for me to slam the lid on this graph and get back to trying to run average =)


  1. Meh, so close but no cigar... :(

  2. son of a *****! I was going to guess 2222 or 3333. lsdkfjlkasdf =)


  3. slazenger138 yahoo id or bogdan.urse on skype