Monday, 21 March 2011

Stars Milestones: Here We Go Again

Stars just announced the Road to 100 Billion Hands with the first stop at 60 Billion. So far I'm 0/3 with these milestone hand promotions so I thought I'd get up early and be the first one out here in blog-land to post about it and collect the ensuing good karma.

Once again, they are going with a VPP formula that encourages people to stop tables from breaking:

$50 base + ( VPPs earned in last 50 hands x $50 ) = WIN!

This means on average, most players sitting for 50 hands at a 50NL table would receive about $500 with the winner of the hand doubling that. Would be really awesome if they changed they're minds on this -- and I manage to bink one of course -- and made it the last 60 hands, then 70 hands etc. leading up to the 100 Billionth hand. So the way this is typically going to play out for those of you that haven't witnessed it before is the following:

  • Everyone anxiously watches and waits for the milestone to hit.
  • Milestone #____ is about to be played on Table _____!
  • All 40k cash players converge on that table, spam crashing the chat box.
  • The waitlist, regardless of stakes, irrationally and instantly tops 185 players.
  • 1/3 of the table wonders wtf is going on everyone is shoving! Folds.
  • 1/3 are mass tablers not realizing they are part of the milestone. Folds.
  • Everyone else shoves.
  • Flipfest!
  • Spam chat box is now filled with "LOL nice folds morans!"
  • Repeat
Good luck to everyone else putting in mind numbing volume trying to hit one of these in futility!


  1. I have frantically tried to hit one of these, but its most worthwhile if you have been sitting there for awhile. saw one guy this morning who sat down at the table and forgot to click off wait for BB and the milestone hit. lolz