Friday, 11 March 2011

Superstar Showdown: Isildur1 vs DN

Just read about this on the Stars blog. I haven't really ever paid much attention to the promotional matches that FTP set up with the Durrr Challenge or Stars' Superstar Showdown aside from hearing who won while listening to the Pokercast.

This one kind of caught my attention though. Daniel Negreanu taking on Isildur1 over 5k hands on two separate days with stacks carrying over. $150k on four 50/100 tables for 15 buyins. DN has been 'practicing' playing 4 tables to get used to multi-tabling. This is what really blew me away: The face of online poker has no experience playing four cash tables where decisions need to be made 'quickly.'

Needless to say when you consider the cash game multi-tabling inexperience -- if you actually consider 4 tables to be 'multi-tabling,' granted it is HU -- combined with what appears to be a rather large skill level gap, without an extreme amount of card racking on DN's part or Blom going absolutely batshit crazy, this is going to be a bloodbath.

I mean, I like the guy's character and all (except for that rather unfortunate douchebag looking display on The Big Game wrt Robl not straddling) but there has to be some sort of other deal or staking going on here inside the promotion because I really can't see Negreanu being this illogical when it comes to burning his own money.

GL though!

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