Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stopped a bad session in it's tracks!

I played ~400 hands this morning and dropped about 1.5 buyins. Unfortunately 1 buyin was a misclick J9s where I thought I had AK on the BTN getting it in pre against AK which I was obviously happy to see but still whiffed. It was starting to feel like one of those bad sessions where everything is going to go wrong so I just clicked the sit out and close all tables button.

Sure enough:
0 sets.
My preflop raises were 3bet 25% of the time.
Ran at 30% W$SD and 33% W$WSF (52% and 49% are normal here).
Flop cbet success 0% (normal is 48%).
Turn cbet success 0% (normal is however spewy people feel day to day).

The above is going to generally translate into running into tops of everyone's ranges. If I were getting 3bet a lot and/or cbets were not working and I was still winning, then people are playing back at me. But when I can't win with or without showdown there's no point in over adjusting and playing back at people who are just card racking against me.

I think this could have very quickly turned into a negative 4 or 5 buyin session if I decided to tilt instead of close it down so I'm pretty happy that I caught it really fast.

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