Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Some more Hourly / Weekly Analysis

I took the data that I posted the other day regarding my hourly and daily winrates and broke it down into weighted values based on my winrate for the hour or day and the volume I play during that time period. I wanted to see how it would affect my winrate if I adjusted my playing schedule (realistically) and it seems that I can increase my hourly winrate by 78% by changing what time of day I play the most at and by 56% by moving more of my volume to weekends. I'm not sure how to combine the variables of both to come up with an overall improvement factor without getting data broken down into full 168 hour one week sections.

My next step based on that is to try to set up scheduled session times. I typically find my mind wandering off after about an hour and a half, but my A game is probably gone at around the hour mark. Breaking even for a half hour isn't terrible either when you can pull in 3.5 bb/100 in rakeback.

Current outline:

7am-8am: Wake up. I'm a morning person.
8am: Watch a video while everyone's still sleeping (1 hour-ish).
9am: Breakfast and family time.
11am - 1pm: Play fewer tables and focus on what I learned in video.
1pm: Lunch break.
2pm - 5pm: Play more tables in grind mode.
Quit for day unless I don't feel tired after 10pm.
All of this on a gradient of fewer tables and skipping sessions early in the week and more tables and adding extra sessions towards the end of the week.

Poker Day.

Wake up.
Work and/or grind my face off alternating 8am - 10am and 11pm - 2am.
Suck it up with little sleep since I'm going to take a good deal of Monday and Tuesday off.


  1. Love this analysis, but also how did you get the bar charts in the cells in the spreadsheet?

  2. I have Excel 2007 and most of the formatting on this sheet (color gradients and bar graphs) was done using conditional formatting.